Mr. Makoto Asabuki, President and CEO of JIN

Distinguished guests,

Congratulations from the land of the pyramids the sphinx and the Nile to the land of Fuji San the Kimonos and the Japanese genius.
In this inauguration of the new and only twenty four hour multilingual TV studio in Japan, we are greatly pleased to be in the heart of this event and to be the first country to support this ambitious project from the beginning.
Through this new venture, Japan will overcome distance and geography and become close to every house, ever monitor, and to every one in the world especially in my country Egypt.

Egypt, as you might know, is not only the land of pharoes, or the cradle of civilization.
Today, Egypt is developing into a solid parther of Japan in the political and the economic field, a partnership both sides cherish and value.
Many Japanese businesses see Egypt as a strategic platform for their operations in the middle east and Africa.

We wish Japan Information Network all the success and prosperity on it's mission of bringing japan closer to one and all, and to informing the world twenty four hours about the major events, news economic and cultural dynamism of the great Japanese people.

Please accept again my heartiest congratulations and best widhes.


Hisham Badr

Ambassador of Egypt

Japan Information Network, Inc.