Dear Mr. Makoto Asabuki
Japan Information Network Co.,Ltd.,

Dear Mr. Masanobu Yamamoto,
Planning committee member
Japan Information Network Co.,Ltd.,

I wish first of all to thank you for your warm welcome and your invitation to participate in the launching of your network. It was a sincere honor and a pleasure for me.
Though I had not come with a written speech, I told you what I felt for such an occasion. If you don't mind and If recall properly, I may summarize my speech in the following lines:
"I wish first of all to thank Japan Information Network for having come up with such an innovative idea of making Japan known to the rest of the world by taking advantage of the advance of ICT. We, in Africa, have also realized the great importance of Information and Communication Technology in our fight for development. As we beleive that communication is a two-way process, we are more than ready to work with you for the success of your venture and for the benefit of our people. Be assured of our total support.
Thank you."
Let me take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year
Best Regards
Emile Rwamasirabo

Japan Information Network, Inc.